Photography by Lena Måndotter

Lena Måndotter has two themes in this photographic exhibition:
- the landscape and its beings and how the surrounding landscape influences the human soul; the imagination and the world of dreams.

  • ETERNITY ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • THE SEA OF GYLLEBO ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • THE FISHERMAN ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • EASTER LIGHT ©Photo Lena Måndotter

THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE Copyright photography Lena Måndotter.
All photographs at the exhibition at KonstRundan Österlen 2017 are printed on high quality paper Canson Baryta Photographique. Standing or horizontal big format A1 plus or A3 plus.

You can download Lena Måndotter’s artist statement and CV here. (in Swedish)

The photographies are fine-art prints and they are printed on high-quality art paper ”Canson Baryta Photographique” or a similar high quality paper. Each photographic print is signed by Lena Måndotter and printed in a limited and exclusive edition. The photographic images can be printed in most sizes, perfectly suited to different galleries/venues or each customer’s office or home environment. Please contact us for more information.



Lena MåndotterLena Måndotter

Besides working with fine art nature photography; Lena Måndotter is greatly interested in the life of animals and the wisdom they carry in their souls.
As a photographer Lena spends a lot of time around them - waiting for the magic moment to arrive. Below are some photos from different series of photographies..

THE SOUL OF A DOG (© Photography: Lena Måndotter)