Lena Måndotter has included many of her poems in her live-acts and performances. She has given many poetry readings both in Scandinavia and Europe; for example at El Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Her literary work has also been published in anthologies, magazines, on cds.

Lena Måndotter


Wednesday 2 October at 17.30 – 21.30. ”The Song of the Soul – The Transpersonal Dimension of Sound and Psyche”. Book-release Lena Måndotter (Zürich Lecture Series/Chiron Publications), lecture, concert and dinner at Zunfthaus zur Schmiden in Zürich Switzerland.
The concert includes Lena’s own compositions, interpretations of Leonard Cohen and Federico Garcia Lorca and hymns from the world.
Vocals: Lena Måndotter. Guitar: Pierre Engström.

Thursday 3 October at 10.00 – 15.30. Zürich Lecture Series:  ”Sound and Psyche” and ”The Singing Instinct. At Foyer St Anton, Zürich Switzerland.
For more information and registration see this link



”An original imagination…Lena Måndotter represents the visionary poetic tradition where invocations and transcendence are at the centre” TOM HEDLUND, SVENSKA DAGBLADET

”Lena Måndotter clearly shows that poetry is born out of visions, rhythm and movement and her live performances competes easily with rock’n roll when it comes to expressiveness and intensity” CLEMENS ALTGÅRD

”An independent artistic expression and a poetic sensibility that moves along poets like Octavio Paz and Homeros Aridjis. Lena Måndotter uses the language of mystery where the archetypal beings of mythology come alive.” ZORAN ALAGIC, LITTERATURTIDSKRIFTEN HORISONT 

”This is a promising poetry-book; brave in it’s highly inventive literary form. This lyrical collection is very different from most other poetry books published today. It’s a poetic collage of impressions from both the inner and the outer landscapes where mystery and mythology is highly present.” ULF MALMQVIST, NORDVÄSTRA SKÅNES TIDNINGAR 

”This book shows an intensive search for new poetic forms and a journey towards the source of the creative power itself. These poems turn their back on modernism and post-modernism and they are as far away from cynicism as any poem can be, Listen - and be touched!” CHRISTINA HOLMGREN, SYDSVENSKAN 

”Lena Måndotter holds a very specific position in the cultural world. Her poems are recited like incantations - each word drawn towards the spiritual. Her poetic recitals speak directly to one’s intuition with a splendid balance of intensity and seriousity.” BOEL GERELL, SYDSVENSKAN 

”This is a poetic and imaginary journey into the archetypal world of symbols and myths. Enigmatic, original and totally fascinating” INGELA BROVIK, SKÅNSKA DAGBLADET 

”An artistic expression which shines with originality while it rebels against all forms of cultural conventions” MALENA FORSARE, EXPRESSEN/KvP 

”Lena Måndotter’s poems are carried by a powerful rhythm and harmonic musicality which moves the reader back to the archaic times where order was created out of chaos”. ROBERTO DUNKELBERG, ARBETAREN 

”Lena Måndotter is the artistic star that shines the strongest” LISA APPELQVIST, SYDSVENSKA DAGBLADET 

”The atmospheric lyrical suite ’Where All Angels Have Fallen’; brings the reader to the Transhimalayas - to the sacred Tibetan mountain of Kailash; the mythological place of death and rebirth” YSTADS ALLEHANDA 

”Lena Måndotter has her own very special nisch in todays Swedish poetry and music” Bengt Eriksson, BTJ 

”Un exacto sentido de la estetica, un libro hecho con cuidado, porque Lena Måndotter es una poeta” JUAN CAMERON, LIBERACIÓN 


Lena Måndotter


Sierskans brev

Sierskans Brev / Letter from the Seeress

A letter, sent from the future, by a seeress called Kassandra who lives in exile in a little chapel in the mountains of Crete in Greece. The transcendent voice of Kassandra has both a mystical and political edge when she speaks about the broken heart of the earth. The letter is available in print at Lena Måndotter’s premier concert at Palladium in Malmö Wednesday 6 of April and then, after the premier, as an ebook at many internet book and library sites (distributor Elib www.elib.se)

Asien - Mystik och Verklighet/ Asia - Mystery and Reality

A book with prose, poems and photos from journeys in Tibet, Burma, Ladakh, Nepal and India. (FC-SYD, 1994). The writers have done many travels there and the book deals with both religious and political issues in these countries.(The book is sold out! Contact your nearest library if you are interested)


Där Alla Änglar Fallit/ Where All Angels Have Fallen

A book of poems about a journey in Transhimalaya to the pilgrim-mountain Kailash in Tibet. Photos by Christer Strömholm. (Art Distribution 1993). The text has also been performed together with percussion (by Bert Mellblom) in a performance with the same name. This book also contains a spanish translation by Juan Cameron.(Sold Out! contact your nearest library if you are interested).

Lena Måndotter

Offra denna dröm

A book with poems and prose about a journey through Mexico and Guatemala. Pictures by Max Liljefors (Art Distribution 1991). Some of these poems were also included in a series of exhibitions.(Sold Out! contact your nearest library if you are interested)