TOUR 2021

Lunds Domkyrka (Lund's Cathedral, Sweden), Tuesday 30 November at 18.00 (free entrance, no pre-bookings)

TOUR 2020

Wednesday 4 March at 18.00, Helsingborgs bibiliotek

Saturday 9 May, at 14.00, C G JungCenter, Simrishamn

Friday 27 November at 21.00, Lunds Domkyrka, Sweden. Download pdf in Swedish here.

TOUR 2019

Saturday 27 July at 19.00, Södra Skolan - Brantevik, Sweden

Saturday 7 September at 20.00 Kiviks Kapell, Existens Festival.
Lena will also give two short Song-workshops Saturday and Sunday at 11.

Saturday 7 December at 16.00, The Psychology Club, Zürich, Switzerland

TOUR 2018

Friday 23 March at 21, Lunds Domkyrka in Lund Sweden. (This is a short concert with some songs from the latest cd Prayers & Prophecies, the concert starts 21.15 and ends at 22.00) Free entrance.

Long Friday 30 March at 19, Skillinge Teater in Skillinge at Österlen Sweden. (This is the complete concert; two sets and pause in-between. At Skillinge Teater one can also visit the restaurant and have a nice dinner before the concert. The doors open at 17.00) Tickets at


Lena Måndotter and her co-musicians will give a concert at

Österlens Bokcafé Wednesday 19 July 2017 at 19.

Please pre-order tickets to make sure you will get at seat. All information in downloadable pdf below

All information in downloadable pdf


Recensioner från premiären "Var mig nära" och följande konserter!

YSTADS ALLEHANDA, musik-recensent Bengt Eriksson skriver:

SKÅNSKA DAGBLADET, musik-recensent Clemens Altgård skriver:

SYDSVENSKAN HALLÅ, journalist Cecilia Lindberg intervjuar Lena Måndotter

SKÅNSKA DAGBLADET, journalist Yvonne Erlandsson intervjuar Lena Måndotter



Saturday 5 March at 13.00 at Landskrona Teater (short concert; some songs from the premier-concert).
Concert-Flyer as pdf downloadable here

Wednesday 6 April at 19.00 at Palladium in Malmö (Premier!!!) tickets at
Concert-Flyer as pdf downloadable here

Friday 8 April at 19.00 at Scala in Ystad, tickets at
Concert-Flyer as pdf downloadable here
Saturday 9 April at 19.00 at Valfisken in Simrishamn, tickets at
Concert-Flyer as pdf downloadable here
Wednesday 27 July at 19.00 Österlens Bokcafé
Concert-Flyer as pdf downloadable here
Saturday 17 September at 13.00 Simrishamns Bibliotek (FörfattarCentrum Syd/LitteraturRundan)
LitteraturRundan 2016 pdf download

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter sings at Kulturbolaget in Malmö

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter at the music event ”Nattkyrkan" in St Johanneskyrkan

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter at Författarcentrum Syds LitteraturRunda at Österlens Bokcafé

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter at Malmö Konsthall

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter at GoodNight Sun in Malmö

  • Lena Måndotter

    Lena Måndotter sings in Berwaldhallen Stockhom Sweden

Lena Måndotter and her band has toured extensively during the years, both in Sweden and abroad. Her concerts have received a very warm response from the audience and many of them were sold out.

Here are some examples of venues where Lena has given concerts:
GOOD-NIGHT-SUN, Malmö (Västra Hamnen)
Victoria Theatre in Malmö Sweden
Swedish National Radio P1, P2 and P4
Hultsfreds-festivalen, Hultsfred, Sweden
Arvika-festivalen, Arvika, Sweden
Pusterviks-teatern, Gothenburg, Sweden
Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish National Television TV2
Regional Television, Malmö Sweden
Ystads Teater, Ystad, Sweden
Landskrona Teater, Landskrona, Sweden
Kulturbolaget KB, Malmö Sweden
Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden
Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden
St Johanneskyrkan, Malmö Sweden
Lunds Domkyrka, Lund, Sweden
Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden
Malmö Konsthall, Sweden
ABF Malmö
Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark
El Circulo De Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
Agios Stefanos, Crete, Greece
ISAP - Zurich, Switzerland
Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden
Göteborgs Bokmässa. Gothenburg, Sweden
Författarcentrum Syds LitteraturRunda, Skåne. Sweden
Österlens Bokcafé, Kivik, Sweden
Båstads Filmfestival, Båstad, Sweden
Helsingborgs Stadsbibliotek, Helsingborg, Sweden
Krukmakaren, Ystad, Sweden
and many more venues

Lena Måndotter
Lena Måndotter gives a concert and poetry-reading at
Göteborgs Bokmässa, Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden.

Lena Måndotter Lena Måndotter
Pierre Engström and Åsa Gjerstad

Lena Måndotter
Lena Måndotter & The Band at Victoria-theatre in Malmö

Lena MåndotterLena Måndotter
All concerts sold out!